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The Alocasia Polly with it's large glossy leaves and white veining is one of the easier options in the Alocasia family.  

Alocasia Polly.jpg
Alocasia Polly 1.jpg

Alocasia like consistently moist soil without being water logged, little and often is the best          way to do this.  Water until it just starts to trickle out of the holes at the bottom and ensure
there is no more left to drain before placing it back in it's cache pot.

Alocasia Polly like bright indirect light or filtered light. Direct sunlight onto the leaves will burn them.

Feed twice a month with houseplant fertiliser during the Spring and Summer months.

Alocasia needs a soil that retains moisture, but one that also allows air to get to the roots.  Visit our soil bar for coco coir and vermiculite and orchid bark to add to a standard soil mix to achieve this.

Alocasia like to be warm, keep them away from cold draughts and try not to let them sit below 18C.

All Alocasia love humidity and the Polly is no exception.  Use a humidifier or a pebble tray to achieve this. Grouping plants together also helps with increasing humidity.

Alocasia are considered toxic to humans and animals.

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