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The thick silvery green leaves of the Alocasia Silver Dragon look almost prehistoric. They are compact growers so are a good option for a statement plant in a small space. 

Silver Dragon.jpg
Silver Dragon 1.jpg

The Silver Dragon is less fussy about watering than many other Alocasia's.  Let the top 5 to 10cm of soil dry out before watering, just be careful not to let it dry out completely.

Bright indirect light is perfect for your Silver Dragon. Direct light onto then leaves will burn them.

Feed twice a month with houseplant fertiliser during the Spring and Summer months.

Your Silver Dragon will appreciate a well draining soil mix.  Visit our Soil Bar for Perlite, Pumice and Orchard Bark to add to a standard houseplant mix. 

Alocasia like to be warm, keep them away from cold draughts and try not to let them sit below 18C.

All Alocasia love humidity and the Silver Dragon is no exception.  Use a humidifier or a pebble tray to achieve this. Grouping plants together also helps with increasing humidity.

Alocasia are considered toxic to humans and animals.

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