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This statuesque beauty is a real statement plant. Perfect for transforming a space, and super easy care.

Water once the top 5-10cm becomes dry.  Be careful not to overwater as this will cause root rot.

Bright indirect light are perfect for Areca Palm.  Direct light onto the leaves will burn them, so keep away from direct sunlight.

Feed once a month with diluted houseplant fertiliser during the Spring and Summer.

Calathea like a soil that drains well so that the delicate roots don't become too waterlogged but    one that also retains moisture to mimic the damp rainforest floor conditions that they are
native to.  Visit our soil bar for coco coir and vermiculite to add to a standard soil mix.


  Calathea are fine in standard household temperatures, but it is best not to let them get below        15C.

  All Calathea love humidity and the Lancifolia are no exception.  Use a humidifier or a pebble      tray to achieve this.  Grouping plants together also helps with increasing humidity.

  Calathea are considered non toxic to humans and animals.

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