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This is considered a rare houseplant but is also relatively easy  to care for.  If you are a patterned foliage lover you'll fall for it's leaves with their delicate splashes of green, yellow, cream and red.

Ring of Fire_edited.jpg
Ring of Fire 1_edited.jpg

Water when the top 5cm to 10cm of soil is dry. They are easy going in terms of their watering needs just make sure they are not left sitting in water.

Give your Philodendron Ring of Fire lots of bright indirect light, a couple of hours of direct morning light would also be beneficial.  Be careful of direct Midday sun though as this will burn the leaves.  

Feed fortnightly with standard houseplant fertiliser during the Spring and Summer months.

Philodendron Ring of Fire like a really well draining soil mix.  Visit our soil bar for perlite and orchid bark to add to standard houseplant potting mix.  

Standard household temperatures are fine for Philodendron Ring of Fire, just make sure they don't sit below 12C for longer periods.

They are fine with standard household humidity but they will thrive if you can increase it a little. Do this with a pebble tray, grouping plants together or with a humidifier.

Toxic to humans and animals. 

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