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Live Maranta Fascinator in 12 cm nursery pot. Plant measures approximately 35cm from base of soil to leaf tips.

Also known as a Prayer Plant this stunning houseplant is an easy care option with truly amazing foliage patterns. Have them on a shelf or a plant hanger where their beautiful leaves will vine and cascade down or prop and repot to create a bushier plant. The Maranta has been potted into my own soil mix, which is made up of components specifically designed to help a Maranta thrive.

**Care Guide**

Light - Medium to bright indirect light. Direct light on the leaves will burn the beautiful patterns.

Water - when top 3-5cm of soil is dry.

Keep away from cold draughts and if you live in an area with chemical heavy tap water, try to water with rainwater instead to avoid crispy leaves.

Provide extra humidity by bunching together with other plants, placing on a pebble tray or near to a humidifier.

Maranta Fascinator

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