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Live Philodendron Pink Princess in 12cm nursery pot. Plant measures approximately 35cm in height.

The highly sought after Pink Princess is a truly stunning houseplant with amazing pink variegation, still considered a relatively rare plant ( you won’t see this one in B&Q) but relatively easy to care for.

All the plants in stock have pink variegation on their stems which is good indicator of more pink variegation on any new growth, but to encourage it further ensure the plants receives lots of bright indirect light and is well fed.

**Care Guide**

Light - Lots & lots of bright indirect light. Enough light is the most important factor in encouraging variegation.

Water - when top half of soil is dry.

Provide extra humidity by bunching together with other plants, placing on a pebble tray or near to a humidifier.

Fertilise with houseplant feed once a month during the spring and summer months.

Philodendron Pink Princess

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