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The Christmas Cactus flowers between November and January, hence the name.  With the right care they will give you trumpet shaped blooms year after year.

Christmas Cactus.jpg

Keep consistently moist during the flowering season. In September and January (before and after flowering) allow plant to dry out more to encourage dormancy.

Bright indirect light is perfect for a Christmas Cactus, no direct sunlight though as this will burn the leaves.

Christmas Cactus need 2 periods of dormancy in order to flower every year.  After it has finished flowering place in a cooler spot and reduce watering for 2 months, before placing it back in it's warm sunny spot.  In mid September follow the same process moving it back to the the warm spot as soon as the buds start to appear.

High humidity is the key to keeping this plant happy. Use a humidifier or a pebble tray to achieve this. Grouping plants together also helps with increasing humidity.

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