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A highly underrated houseplant with stunning leaf patterns.  Also known as the Dumb Cane they are a great option for new plant parents that want a larger statement plant that is easy to look after


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  Water when the top 5cm to 10cm of soil is dry.  They do not like to dry out completely but can be    susceptible to root rot if the soil is left too soggy.

  Dieffenbachia are a good option for shadier spots as they can do well in medium light                conditions.  During the winter they may need to be closer to a window to get more bright             indirect light. They will not tolerate direct sunlight on their leaves.

  Feed once a month with diluted standard houseplant fertiliser.

  Dieffenbachia like a well draining soil mix, this can be achieved by adding perlite and orchid      bark to standard houseplant potting mix.

  Keep away from open winter windows and cold draughts. If the plant gets too cold you may        lose the lower leaves.

  Dieffenbachia will benefit from higher humidity.  Group together with other plants or place on    a pebble tray.

  All parts of this plant are highly toxic to animals and humans, if you have pets that like to      nibble on leaves this is not the plant for you.

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