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There are many different types of this sturdy easy care plant.  From the pink hued leaves of the Ficus Belize, the variegated Tineke and the deep green of the Robusta there are many striking varieties. They can grow up to 1.5m in height and you can prune them to encourage new growth off the sides.

Ficus Elastica 1.jpg
Ficus Elastica.jpg

Water only when the top 5-10cm of soil is dry.  If in doubt leave it a few more days, then soak  the plant until waters pours out of the bottom and then leave it to partially dry out before  watering again.  If you lose some of the bottom leaves this is a sure sign of over watering.

Ficus Elastica like lots of bright indirect light and can tolerate a few hours of gentle direct morning light.  Too much midday direct light and the leaves will burn, not enough light and the plant will grow very slowly.

Feed every 2  weeks in the Spring and Summer months standard houseplant fertiliser.

Ficus like a very well draining soil that is nice and loose.  Visit our soil bar for pumice, orchid  bark and coco coir to add to a standard houseplant mix.

Most household temperatures are fine but in the winter you may want to move away from  windows as Ficus do not like temperatures below 12C

Average household  humidity is fine for Ficus Elastica.

Ficus are considered toxic to humans, cats and dogs. The milky sap from their leaves and stems is a skin irritant.

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