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The classic easy care houseplant that look great in one of our plant hangers.  Spider plants can grow in a wide range of conditions and you'll be delighted when you get your first growth of baby spiderettes.  Simply cut them off the mother plant and pot them into houseplant soil to allow them to root.

Spider Plant 1.jpg
Spider Plant.jpg

 Water when the top 5cm to 10cm of soil is dry.  They are forgiving if they are neglected for a   couple of weeks.

 Spider plants are best in a spot of light shade.  They will survive in deep shade but they will 
 grow much slower.

 Feed once a month with standard houseplant fertiliser during Spring and Summer.

 Standard houseplant soil is fine for a spider plants.

 Average household temperatures are suitable for this hardy houseplants.

  No special humidity considerations are needed for Spider Plants.

  Spider plants are considered non toxic to humans and pets.

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