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The vining String of  Turtles look great cascading from one of our plant shelves.  They need a really bright spot to thrive but once you have their light requirements correct they are easy care

String of Turtles 1.jpg
String of Turtles.jpg

String of turtles hold water in their thick leaves so you are far more likely to damage the plant by over watering than under watering.  Wait until the top 5-10cm of soil has dried out then water thoroughly until water pours out of  the bottom of the pot.  


String of Turtles need lots and lots of bright indirect light and they can benefit from a couple of hours of morning direct light.  Be careful not to let Midday sun to shine directly onto their leaves though as this will burn them.  The temptation may be to put this plant on a high ledge in the hope that the vines will cascade down, but this is often too dark for a String of Turtles.  The light needs to hit the top of the plant for it to really thrive, having the vines only in good light is unlikely to be enough.


Feed fortnightly using standard houseplant fertiliser during the Spring and Summer months.  

Visit our soil bar to add fine pumice and orchid bark to a standard houseplant mix.  This will give your String of Turtles an airy well draining soil with medium water retention. 


Keep away from open winter windows but otherwise String of Turtles are fairly hardy in their temperature requirements.  

String of Turtles will benefit from higher humidity.  Group together with other plants, place on    a pebble tray or use a humidifier.

Considered mildly toxic to humans and animals.  

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