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Also known as a Chinese Evergreen, the Aglaonema comes in a huge variety of colours. They are easy care and great for adding a pop of colour to a room.


Allow the top 5- 10cm of soil to dry out before watering thoroughly until the water pours out of the drainage holes.

Light requirements depend on the level of variegation on the plant. The varieties with dark green leaves and less variegation can survive in low light conditions. But those with lots of lighter and different colour patterns on their leaves will require more bright indirect light.

They are not heavy feeders and only need doing so twice a year. Once at the start of the Spring growing season and once at the end of the Summer growing season.

A standard houseplant mix is fine for Aglaonema, as long as it contains some perlite to help with drainage.

Aglaonema do like increased humidity. Acheive this with a pebble tray a humidifier or by grouping plants together.

Your Aglaonema likes to be warm, keep away from windows.

They are considered toxic to humans and animals.

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