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Also known as the nerve plant, these beatuties come in a huge arrange of colours and patterns. Their humidity loving nature makes them idea for terrariums.


Fittonia like bright indirect light, and should never be placed anywhere where they will receive direct sunlight.

Fittonia do not like to dry out at all, but this can be a tricky balance so they they don't become water logged. In a terrarium they will thrive because terrarium's replicate the conditions they love. Outside of a terrarium we recommend repotting with a soil mix as below, as this will help prevent they being waterlogged and you can water more freely.

Your Fittonia will enjoy a feed once a month during the Spring and Summer months.

Fittonia need a well draining soil mix but one that retains moisture. Visit our soil bar to add perlite, spagnum moss and vermiculite to a standard soil mix.

Consistent household temperature are fine, but they should not be allowed to sit near any cold draughts.

High humidity is essential for Fittonia. They are best grown in terrariums or under a cloche.

Considered non toxic to humans and animals.

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