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Hoya Wayetii with it's deep green pea pod shaped leaves are a beautiful vining houseplant that will push out clusters of sweet smelling flowers under the right conditions. We also stock the variegated versions that have cream, yellow and pink hues to their leaves.


Water when the soil has almost completely dried out. As they are succulents they hold water in their leaves so you are far more likely to damage them with over watering than underwatering. Water them fully until water pours out of the bottom when the soil is almost completely dry is the best way to encourage flower growth.

Your Hoya Wayetii like lots of bright indirect light and they will benefit from a few hours of morning or evening direct light.

Feeding once a month
with houseplant fertiliser during the Spring and Summer months will promote growth of the flowers.

Hoya's like really well draining soil. Visit our soil bar for orchid bark, pumice and perlite to add to a standard houseplant soil to achieve this.

Keep away from open winter windows and cold draughts. Hoya's like to be warm.

Wayetii like higher humidity. Group together with other plants or place on a pebble tray.

Considered non toxic to humans and pets.

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