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With the right care your terrarium can remain sealed for years with very little maintenance and care.


It is best to keep the terrarium in a dedicated space. Limit moving it to varying locations because changes in light intensity and duration may be detrimental to plant health. Find a space that has bright, indirect light. Often, an eastern exposure with morning sun is good for terrariums.
Similarly, a western exposure may work well as long as afternoon heat is avoided. Avoid placing a terrarium close to a window because solar energy can build heat in the container. This can literally burn the plants inside

When water droplets (condensation) form on the inside walls or lid of the terrarium, open the lid for about an hour. This will allow the excess water to evaporate. Continue this process until you see very
little if any condensation. At this point, the terrarium ecosystem has reached equilibrium and can withstand long periods without any additional watering—from weeks to years! Your terrarium has been balanced by us when it was created, however sometimes they can condensate when they are moved into their new home. If this happens remove the lid for an hour, and then replace it. Continue this hourly process until there is no more condensation when the lid is in place.

Your terrarium has been planted with worm poop in the soil, this is natures natural fertiliser and there is no need for any additional plant feed or fertiliser.

If any plants do begin to die or rot, remove them immediately to prevent the spread of bacteria.

As your plants grow you may need to prune them. Simply snip them back if they are outgrowing the vase.

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