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The Syngonium is also known as the Arrowhead vine.  Once they have the right light conditions they are easy care and come in a wide variety of colours and variegations.

Syngonium 1.jpg

Water when the top 5cm to 10cm of soil is dry.  They do not like to be over watered and are susceptible to root rot.

Syngonium like lots of bright indirect light. Direct light onto the leaves will burn them so keep them away from direct sunlight.

 Feed once a month with standard houseplant fertiliser during Spring and Summer.

Your Syngonium will like a really well draining soil mix. Visit our soil bar for perlite and orchid bark to add to a standard houseplant mix.


 Average household temperatures are fine for Syngoniums, just make sure they are not in area of cold draughts.

Your Syngonium will like higher humidity. Achieve this by placing the plant on a pebble tray or use a humidifier. Grouping plants together also helps with humidity.  

Syngonium are toxic to humans and animals.

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